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Rauni da Mota


A little about Rauni

Rauni began studying English in his home country of Brazil before moving to the UK to further develop his language skills. Since then, he has become a highly sought after English teacher, earning his CELTA in 2014 and teaching students from countries around the world, picking up the Spanish and Hindi languages along the way. Rauni is known as a brilliant communicator switching from one language to the next with ease, always keeping an eye on the cultural aspects of language learning and working with his students to see how the culture is integrated into the language they are learning.


Rebecca da Mota


A little about Rebecca

Rebecca has been teaching English to students from around the world since 2007. She has attained a BA in English Language and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Liverpool. Rebecca has a passion for helping her staff reach their potential and has worked with the teachers and staff in our Lucknow location to create an environment that encourages high level training, excellent customer service, and cross-cultural cooperation. Her belief is that language teaching should happen in a healthy, student-centred environment and that classes should have a positive impact on all of our students lives.

Lessandra Alves

Founder, Director

A little about Lessandra

Lessandra’s first foreign language experience came at the age of 20 traveling around Brazil with a group of university students from England. That trip sparked an interest in foreign languages that has seen her master English, Spanish, and Hindi in addition to her native Portuguese. In addition to her 11 years of teaching experience, Lessandra holds a CELTA and recently completed an IDLTM. Lessandra’s principle focus at Heritage is in the area of management as she helps to guide decisions at the school and sustaining its success.


Hugo Alves

Founder, Director

A little about Hugo

Hugo was born with a fascination for languages and often recalls opening his first book in a foreign language with the distinct feeling that he had found his calling. His language journey began in earnest at age 23 with Spanish and accelerated 10 years later when he created his own teaching curriculum. Hugo’s linguistic accomplishments include 9-band IELTS, CELTA, DELE C2, DELTA, fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Hindi. He is also currently studying German. These days, Hugo is focused on his passion for training teachers reach their full potential.